Leandro Morais participa en el Co-op Governance School del ‘Centre for the Study of Co-operatives’ de la Universidad de Saskatchewan

Co-operatives differ from their for-profit counterparts. Despite this difference, the standard corporate governance models used by for-profit firms are often adopted by co-operatives without consideration for how they may or may not apply. Given the important role that co-operatives play in the economy and society, it is critical that emerging researchers doing work on co-operatives have the knowledge to appreciate the challenges these organizations face and the skills and expertise necessary to undertake research that is both academically sound and applicable to the problems confronting co-operatives.

The purpose of the Co-operative Governance School for Emerging Researchers was to:
• Provide emerging researchers working on co-operatives and social economy organizations with an in-depth understanding of co-operative governance from both the academic and practitioner perspective
• Provide emerging researchers with methodological tools to understand governance
• Connect emerging researchers with leading co-operative practitioners
• Create a network of scholars, researchers, and practitioners that all three groups can draw upon in the future




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